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The Clean Ireland Recycling pay by weight service helps both the environment and your pocket. It is the tried and tested most cost efficient way for householders to manage their domestic waste.

By proper recycling, Clean Ireland Recycling rewards its customers. The more recyclable material you can divert to your Blue Top Recycling bin, the less you pay.

You will receive the following bins:
  • 1 x 240 ltr bin for waste
  • 1 x 360 ltr bin for recycling
  • 1 x brown bin for food waste plus a 7ltr kitchen caddy
  • 55 ltr container for free glass collection, in certain areas.

Clean Ireland Recycling offer a FREE Clothing Collection to all our customers in partnership with the Brothers of Charity. We accept clean Clothes, Footwear tied in pairs, Bed linen, Curtains, Towels etc in separate plastic bags beside your bins.
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